"Rosey undertook interior design work for us in our new unit.  We have always been impressed with her great eye for detail and terrific use of colour plus she understood us as individuals so was able to blend our personalities into the look.  We have no hesitation in recommending her to you."
Kerris Stark, Manager – Beaches on Lammermoor

"When I asked Rosey to assist me with designing my interiors, I found someone who immediately understood what I wanted.  She even took me shopping as part of the process to ensure we got it exactly right and within budget.  I believe she would be a terrific asset to anyone who wants a good mix of colour and design that fits with their personal style."
Glenn Paterson, Managing Director – Glenn Paterson Building Pty Ltd.

"From the day I met Rosey nearly 30 years ago, she has always had the talent to bring colour and style together in an effective way.  Whether it be a fashion outfit or an interior design, she has always impressed me with her skills. Rosey has a great eye for the little things that make a big difference.  I have no hesitation in recommending her as someone who can deliver an outstanding result."
Vicki Tiegs, Director – Waples Marketing Group

"When I recently moved into my new home, Rosey assisted me with interior design services.  She produced arrangements for my living areas which are eye catching yet blend well into their surrounds.  She understood my need for subtlety and delivered just what I wanted.  Thanks Rosey."
Kathy Holmes, Director – ABN AMRO Morgan

"Rosie, it has been a pleasure working with you over the past few weeks. Your vision for home decor is brilliant.
Thank you for your help in making our beautiful home a much more appealing place to come home to."
Leanne & Geoff Dunnett

"Rosie, many thanks again for my wonderful new wardrobe. I was a traditionalist when it came to clothes, black pants- white shirt, red skirt- white top, whatever- white shirt. I was looking for a change when Rosie was mentioned. Isn’t it great when you can invite a perfect stranger into your house and they can give you the makeover you are looking for. This is exactly what I got. I invited Rosie to my house who looked through my already abundant clothing attire (excessive number of white shirts)and created new outfits by purely piecing together what I already had in different ways I had not thought of. This created a whole new wardrobe. By updating 1 handbag, tossing out 7 pairs on old shoes and buying 5 new pairs and adding a half a dozen new pieces of Bling, my average wardrobe was updated and I was educated to, so what can I create now.  The reason I asked Rosie to help me, I was travelling and going to a convention over 8 days and wanted help putting my outfits ranging from casual travel on plane and meeting friends through to my formal evening dinner wear. It is great to get a professional viewpoint and outlook on fashion and also to feel good about oneself when people mention how fantastic you look. A big thanks Rosie, God Bless."
Pauline Pianta